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Pulsar 150cc

Now Bajaj will melt the roads and make all other bikes sweat. That's the promise of the new Pulsar DTSi. It will hypnotize you with its alloy wheels, bolt you away on NItroX shock absorbers, and rev up your pulse with ExhausTEC system. It will make its first impression feel like an impact.

Enhanced Performance

Some are born to lead. The legendary DTSi engine leads the pursuit of technology excellence. Bringing together the unique trinity of Twin spark plugs, Digital CDI and TRICS, the re tuned power plant delivers crisper throttle response for consistent output. Even in varying load conditions and at different levels of acceleration. Completely new cam timing leads to broader spectrum of the torque effect thus ensuring a phenomenal ride even at low speed and high gear combinations. The new engine thus propels you to the pole position whenever you desire.

Enhanced Ride Feel

Below the silencer of the engine hides a miracle named ExhausTEC. This gem of a device allows you to rev up when your heart feels like and the engine picks up instantly irrespective of the gear you are in. it improves engine torque at low rpms and is optimized to get maximum performance from engine. It gives a feeling of abundant latent power at any stage of riding to ensure effortless pulling for any load conditions.

Enhanced Looks

Get astride the new Pulsar and be an absolute sight to behold. The new Bajaj Pulsar DTSi sports and LCD Speedometer and Odometer Console. The digital cockpit displays vehicle speed, fuel level, blinkers, high beam and side stand warning light. With Self canceling Indicators. The aerodynamic shape now sports high performance light weight alloy wheels which is a visual treat. Forget turning heads, they can turn the roads into ramps.

Enhanced Stability

Smashing looks apart, lighter yet stronger wheels help you tackle the thickest of traffic jams. The extended swing arm, which results in a longer wheel-base(1330m), coupled with smaller radius wheels(17in) enables the nimblest of handling making the bike more agile and in control.

Enhanced Comfort

Ordinary bikes may be happy with ordinary shock absorbers. But the new Pulsar DTSi settles for nothing less than NitroX. Unlike conventional oil filled shock absorbers, the gas filled NitroX virtually cancels out the delay in reacting to the road below. It provides immediate damping whenever required and doesn't even let you know what hit you. It really makes riding as smooth as possible even on bad road conditions.

Colours Available:
Bajaj - Pulsar 150cc
Bajaj - Pulsar 150cc
Engine Parameter:
Bajaj Pulsar 200cc Bajaj Pulsar 150cc
Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Bajaj Pulsar 200cc
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